is love happiness ?

if it is, i mean if loving someone, and be loved in return, is happiness

god is really mean.

Why ? Because he created everything, then he created love.

we could said that he created hatred too, but actually, hatred doesn't really exist

it is like cold, i mean cold doesn't exist, it is just lack of heat

Now just imagine a world, without any feeling, is it better than a world with ?

I mean, everything would be simpler right ? we would all be more productive because we'll have nothing else in mind

But do you want a world like that ? If you say yes, it is because u've never felt love...

Right now, i feel love, i feel it, because the person i love is sad

The best way to feel love, is to be sad

I am sad because i think of friend

Without him, everything would have been simpler

But do we want a past without him ?

No, we don't

Do we want a world without love ?

No, we don't

So why god is mean ?

Because he just created a drug, which no one can do without, and which hurts terribly.

But right now, i love you

I am completely under the influence of this drug

But i don't really want to do a bad trip

Then please, be happy

I mean you don't really have to do something

I don't have to be your boyfriend, or something like that because it is the best way to do a bad trip

I don't have to be here everyday, because we don't want lol, and because we don't need.

but everytime we meet, I just wanna give you enough drugs so you can be stoned until we meet again

Lov u for the eternity