Maybe someday I’ll give you my opinion on privacy in the digital world. But I don’t think I have the knowledge to be able to do something decent. Right now I’m just going to give you some raw information, so that you can craft your opinion as you see fit.

First, here is a website pretty interesting

Pour les français, voici un article plutôt intéressant sur pourquoi la vie privée est importante, et pourquoi "Je n'ai rien à cacher" n'est pas un argument convenable : ici

When you want to use the Internet in a way that respects your privacy, you often have to make concessions. I give you here alternatives to the search engine like google, which in this case will not change anything to your life (There are actually alternatives to all the google products on this site but I thought the search engine example was pretty good.) here

For the moment there is not much content here but as soon as I find something interesting, I pass it on to you.